Medication Handling, Storage and Administration.

  • Popular with services that are seeking to meet Quality Assurance requirements and/or managing a detected area of risk within the service.

Freestyle Manual Handling

  • Essential for those supporting someone with a physical impairment or frailty.

Generic Workplace Health and Safety

  • Delivered to empower staff and equip them with essential knowledge and skills regarding keeping the workplace safe and completing any necessary documentation that pertains to the situation.

Gender Empowerment and Sexuality

  • Providing Staff with the right tools and ability to successfully facilitate rights and choice for people with a disability, while negotiating those complex family relationships that impact on independence and autonomy.

Basic Sign Language and Communication

  • That provide Lifestyle Facilitators and service providers with key information that assists them to provide the very best level and type of support by enabling the communication lines to flow more fluently.

Behaviour Support

  • Our facilitators are trained in non-punitive methods of supporting people with behaviour challenges, including encouraging positive behaviour.

Difference Between Disabilities & Impairments

  • These workshops cover many different types of impairments and how they affect the person. This workshop can also support lifestyle facilitators to understand how to support people with various physical and intellectual impairments in a way that is value based and inclusive.

Choice and Decision Facilitation

  • These workshops encourage support staff to facilitate effective choice and decision facilitation for those they support

Epilepsy and Physical Disabilities

  • These workshops cover what epilepsy is and how to best support people who have physical disabilities and epilepsy

Least Restrictive Alternative

  • Cover how to be an effective support worker and to maximize lifestyle opportunities within a least restrictive framework. This workshop also covers basic restrictive practices policies and how to ensure that you are always working within a person centered framework.

Completing Organisational Documentation and general report writing

  • Equips staff with the necessary skills they need to navigate smartly through the various documentation requirements in the workplace.

Intrusive Medical Procedures

  • Our wonderful Registered Nurses can apply a person centred framework to topics such as:

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