At Shilus we offer specialized services in preparing Positive Behaviour Support Plans.  Their Staff are trained in functional analysis and functional assessment to provide you with a legislative compliant and client friendly Positive Behaviour Support Plan.  Our staff have substantial experience with the Adult Guardian and the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to ensure your plans are compliant with legislation in a timely and cost effective manner.


As a service Shilus will provide you with:


·  Data analysis and recording;


·  Functional Assessment to provide evidence based hypothesis and interventions to reduce the use of restrictive practices;


·  A Positive Behaviour Support Plan prepared to meet legislative requirements


How is this different to services already provided by your staff?


Providing behaviour analysis to people with disabilities requires specialist skills and experiences, often beyond that of regular psychologists.  Responses from people with an intellectual and cognitive disability are different to those generally observed in people without a disability.  Shilus provides specialist skills in meeting legislative obligations and the preparation of effective Positive Behaviour Support Plan.  This service can prepare a Positive Behaviour Support Plan from initial involvement of the use of restrictive practices and prepare review reports.


What you receive


Shilus is committed to providing high quality Positive Behaviour Support Plans.  Expert staff provide a Positive Behaviour Support Plan through to approval.  Our staff are able to provide assistance and feedback to your organisation on the implementation of the Positive Behaviour Support Plan.  This will provide your organisation to deliver best practice strategy and support to your clients and become a leader within your industry.

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