Stephanie Smith

Managing Director | Assessor | Clinician



Stephanie initially graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Behaviour Management.  It is with this degree that her skills in functional assessment and behaviour management were gained.  Following this degree she refined these skills by providing in and out of home functional assessments and providing behaviour management plans.   Substantial experience was then gained in the non- government and statutory organisations through assisting people to manage grief and loss, provide individual and relationship counselling, and assist people to address ongoing depression and anxiety they may be experiencing.

Further academic study was completed to gain a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Masters of Clinical Sciences to ensure services being provided are evidence based and consistent with the most up to date and cutting edge strategies to address challenges people are experiencing.

Stephanie has a passion for working with children and adults to address the challenges they are experiencing in their lives.  She works in a holistic manner and collaboratively works with other allied health professionals to provide you with information and services that will assist you and your child into the future.  She is committed to working with people to empower  them to successfully manage  life challenges.

Sharon Irons


Since Sharon was a teenager, she has been involved in community organisations that focus on the needs of children and families.  While raising her own children, she was invited to join the leadership board of a local church, and was subsequently employed by the church as an assistant pastor.  During the 4 years she was employed by the church, Sharon gained her Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Certificate III in Counselling Skills while facilitating groups, speaking and teaching, counselling, and giving support where needed to the families of the church and local community.

She discovered a passion for helping adult survivors of childhood abuse, and helping those suffering trauma because of controlling relationships and belief systems.  It was during this time that Sharon realised how little she actually knew about the causes and effects of childhood trauma.  This desire to learn more led Sharon enrolling in university, where she has since graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science degree.  Her passion for children and families has not wavered, and continues to fuel a desire to see children and adults nurtured and supported in well-functioning families and communities.

Sharon’s university qualifications provide her with the evidence based knowledge to underpin her professional decision making, while her many years of service to individuals and families have given her life skills to make those decisions out of maturity and non-judgemental observation.

Kathy Dwyer


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