Supervision And Mentoring For Positive Behaviour Support Plan Authors


The Shilus Centre offers specialized services in preparing Positive
Behaviour Support Plans and providing specialist advice to assist your service gain approval for the use of restrictive practices and minimize the risk from prosecution.  The preparation and completion of Positive Behaviour Support Plans can be one of the biggest challenges for a service.  Has your service ever experienced:

  • Prolonged periods of non-approval for the use of restrictive practices?
  • Difficulty identifying the challenging behaviour’s and providing positive strategies?
  • An increase in the use of restrictive practices?
  • Severe and challenging behaviour’s intensifying and placing the client and your staff at risk?

How is this different to services already provided by your staff?

Providing behaviour anaylsis to people with disabilities requires specialist skills and experiences, often beyond that of regular psychologists.  Responses from people with an intellectaul and cognitive disability is different to those generally observed in people without a disability.  The Shilus  Centre provides specialist skills in meeting legislative obligations and the preparation of effective Positive Behaviour Support Plan.  This service provides external analysis of the Positive Behaviour Support Plan prepared by your staff and increases the likelihood of your service gaining full, unconditional approval for the use of restrictive practices.

What you receive.

By accessing this service, you receive expert advise on meeting legislative criteria.  You gain training and advice for your staff to make them industry leaders and provide continued professional development.  You receive advice and clear instructions in relation to meeting legislative requirements to ensure a time efficient, non laborious process when completing Positive Behaviour Support Plans.  Ongoing review and recommendations is available upon request.