Behaviour Management Plans

Behaviour Management plans are developed to meet and cope with the challenging behaviours associated with autism, aspergus, pervasive developmental disorders and ADD and ADHD.  These behaviour plans are based on positive strategies by empowering your child to manage their own behaviour once they have learnt these skills. Psychological strategies are used to address the functions of the behaviour.  Through engagement with you as a parent and with your child the Learning and Behaviour Centre will develop the strategies  to  help you and your child manage challenging situations.

Behaviour management plans are a series of actions and responses that can be used to manage challenging behaviours.  In combination with consultation with you as parents or carers, we can also liaise with school teachers and child care to help manage challenging behaviours between your home environment and school or care environment.  Each behavioural strategy proposed will have the justification from observations and reports of behaviour.  This ensures that you and your child understand and grow.
During the time of developing behaviour management plans you are building a story and a book to help you, your family, teachers and schools about your child.  These plans help to understand your child’s intrinsic differences and uniqueness.  It also allows your child to develop all the skills they need to cope in the different situations they will experience in their lives.

Behaviour management plans are tailored to your child’s and family’s unique situation.   Behaviour plans are evidence based and individual, ensuring that you will achieve the results and changes that you desire.

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